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On Time Group works to provide service, consultant and training to its client. We work to provide satisfaction for our customer and work to highlight their problem and analysis their potential means in order to deliver appropriate solution.

Creative motivation Centre / CMC

The centre works to insure client satisfaction, and provide standard quality of service and business.

Skills Management Service / SMS

This department is working in the preparation and organizing of the workshops, seminar, and presentation. They will upgrade and improve skills and performance quality.

Global HR PR

This department work to as intermediary between the market and the job seekers in order to match the need. It works to extend their network, scans extensive talent data base and explore resources.

4 Dimensions

The unite is in charge of media and advertising form creating the concept and brand up till transferring them into tangible material.


This unit take care about our client, their accommodation, hotel booking, ticket reservation, and provide logistic support.

Properties management program

This department take care about our customer properties, management, maintain, repair, renovation.

Other Services

Can we change our organization? What is the cost? And how?

On Time Group as a multidisciplinary company with international outlook has observe that a list of companies has no longer exist because they were unable to evolve continues to grow. For some reasons, these organization discover that their current procedure does not reflect its aim which lead to their disposal. In the increasing of competition with this mass technology and globalization, in addition to workforce changing and relocation of this empowerment demography, and other factors are forcing organizations to faster change differ than before. Within On Time Group team, we are pleased to serve out client to identify areas of problems, evaluate operations process and business model and achieving their improvement level. On Time Group will provide its customer with effective and efficiency program that allow them to expand their ability to distinguish when changes are required and implement them across all parts of the business on an ongoing basis.

Project implementation and management “Every project start with a beginning and closed with an end “ No matter what type of project you are willing to implement. Starting form the idea up to converted your vision and decoded fiscally. On Time group is your path to reach your destination. We present our industry experience and technical expertise to generate SMART project commensurate with our client environment and ability and more touch his need and satisfy his desire. Project management is an art with a scientific component to demonstrate multi roles from survey to analysis the input to reach the output and see the impact on the field. Weather the project is to develop new product, launch new service, marketing campaign or an event planner.
Our overall goal is to create a Project Management Consulting that will develop and implement project management methodology and tools, and provide expertise, mentoring, and other learning experience for directors, supervisors, and staff member who manage, or participate in, projects of varying size, scope, risk and complexity. No matter what the type of project, project management typically follows the same pattern. A project is not something that is part of normal business operations. It is typically created once. It is temporary and it is specific.

Employee training, seminar and workshop On Time Group offers variety of training and seminar that meet customers need. The training cover a well range of field and areas of work. As a consultant, On Time Group provides continuous instruction and education sequence to improve employee skills and performance. The ongoing training for current and new employees help them to adjust rapidly for the requirement changes. It is essential to draft a comprehensive plan that include the training and improvement courses for employees. On Time Group with its various back group expertise experience exist to offer range of courses that help our client to start their work, improve their business operation and make a touch of impact on the field of project management, Quality Management, Marketing management, Strategic management, Human resource management, and organizational review and structure. The cohesiveness between good policy to invest in the employee development and prudent strategic plan are major factors in determining long-term profitability especially for small business where they can increase their productivity and ensure their continuity.

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